The Physical Effects of Depression

Depression is often known and characterized by the severe emotional and psychological effects it produces. However, the effects of depression can be physical too. Depression is associated with a multitude of physical symptoms on top of all its emotional ones. Depression has been associated with the development of cataracts, high blood pressure, and an increasedContinue reading “The Physical Effects of Depression”

Depression: Do you really know what it is?

With the advent of social media, easy access to information, and the rise in popularity of reality television, depression has found itself in a focus it has not had before. TV programs like “13 Reasons Why” have helped open more people’s eyes to the sometimes devastating effects of depression on young minds. But more oftenContinue reading “Depression: Do you really know what it is?”

Grief and Loss of Loved Ones

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, it is important to plan the process ahead of time. There are three main factors to stress when planning your grieving process: timing, support, and focus. Timing, the most important factor of the three, is dependent on your personal needs. However, in general, the bestContinue reading “Grief and Loss of Loved Ones”

The Dangers of Depression

Depression is a mental disorder defined by low mood, feelings of worthlessness, and impaired thinking, emotion regulation, sleep, physical activity, appetite and energy levels. Depression occurs when the body’s natural response to stress becomes too much. The severity and duration of the symptoms may increase as the intensity and frequency of the circumstances that causeContinue reading “The Dangers of Depression”

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