IS EMDR Right for Me?

EMDR isn’t for everyone. It is usually considered for people who have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder, although clinical trials show it can also be used to treat other psychological issues. It can take anywhere from one session to six months for EMDR to produce the desired effects, so it may not work for patients that don’t respond well or quickly. That said, many people are using this type of therapy with success. If you are looking for a quick fix or an easy way out, consider looking elsewhere. EMDR may not be for you.

The effects of EMDR therapy are produced by taking a person back in time while simultaneously using a series of eye movements to confuse the brain into reorganizing its memory. Although the treatment was originally designed to help soldiers recover from PTSD, it has been used successfully to treat other mental conditions, including phobias, religious conflicts and drug addiction.

While EMDR is not for everyone, it can provide hard-to-obtain relief and recovery for those suffering with trauma. EMDR is most beneficial when you are ready and committed to healing.  To learn more about when EMDR therapy, talk to an EMDR-Trained mental health professional (hint hint: That’s us. We are EMDR professionals and we’re happy to explore whether or not EMDR is right for you).

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